Important Microsoft Update:

On July 21 2015, Microsoft discovered a massive security breach. They discovered a weakness within the OpenType fonts. This weakness is exploited via documents or webpages that contain malicious OpenType fonts. The breach is occurring in Windows and Adobe type manager library and how these libraries handles these fonts. If this flaw is exploited, it could leave the entire system exposed and allow the attacker to gain complete control of the system. Due to the extreme vulnerability of this breach, Microsoft rushed out an emergency patch to resolve this gap in the security of Windows. The patch will automatically install if Windows is configured to do so. However if not, manually install the update, it is the security update KB3079904.

If this update is not installed on the computer it should be done immediately. This weakness affects Windows Vista through Windows 10. The risk that are involved with this kind of exploit is that an attacker can gain full control of your computer. This will allow them to do further damage. Allows access to emails, passwords, private files, and information. This leads to further, and often more serious issues.

There are several courses of action that can be taken to insure that the computer is safe. Click on the Windows start menu, search for control panel. Once in the control panel, click on the System and Security tab, look for Windows update. Find the tab that says, check for updates and allow it to run. Install all updates found; if no updates are found click on the link that says, view installed updates and look for the KB3079904 update and confirm that it is installed.

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