2X Software Sales & Consulting

2X Software is a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery, remote access and corporate mobility. Thousands of enterprises worldwide trust in the reliability and scalability of 2X products. Cloud computing is shifting from a competitive advantage to an operational necessity. 2X offers a range of solutions to make the leap to cloud computing simple and affordable.

The company’s product line includes the award winning 2X ApplicationServer XG providing platform independent virtual desktop, application delivery and integrated thin client management from a single software package; 2XOS for converting desktops PCs into thin clients and the 2X Client RDP/Remote Desktop for remote access to Windows virtual desktops & applications available for Android, iOS, BlackBerry and more.

2X Software are the first company to offer integrated thin client management for virtual desktop & application delivery with the 2X ClientManager module for 2X ApplicationServer XG and also the first to develop a Facebook Client App for secure access to Windows applications and desktops, transforming Facebook into a powerful business tool.

Courtesy of www.2x.com

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